Terms and Conditions

Guidelines to follow when purchasing a template

Included in your template package
Benergy Website Design includes your template, designer customization, domain name (free for one year) with discounted yearly renewals at $72 per year, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and unlimited e-mail accounts, all for one low price.
Working with a designer
After purchasing a template, a designer will be assigned to your project. Please expect to be in contact with the designer via e-mail and possibly over the phone as your project is being developed. Good follow-up is important during your project design, so please respond in a timely fashion when hearing from your designer. We will naturally do the same.
Payments are accepted via PayPal through our website. Checks, money orders, wire transfers and cash are not accepted. We require half down as a deposit. Work on your project will begin after the deposit has been received and processed. The balance is due in full upon completion of the project. Your website template will go live on the Internet once the balance on your account has been received and processed.
Time frame
You are allowed up to 45 days in which to complete your project. This requires all content to be e-mailed to the designer within that time frame to ensure completion. The balance on your account is due in full at the end of the 45 day period (despite project completion) if it is determined that you have not provided the necessary content to the designer by that time.
Design layout and functionality
You are required to work within the design layout at the price agreed upon for each template. This includes, but is not limited to page formatting, image placement and website functionality.
Changes to a template
Requests to modify a template at any time during the development must be made in writing and are subject to approval by your designer. If required, any design changes are billed at a discounted rate of $49 per hour in addition to the template base rate. Any changes post-completion are billed at the same rate. Before any changes to the template are made, your designer will notify you with a written estimate.
Browser Compatibility
Our templates are all cross-browser compatible. As they use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology in their design, it is important to keep your browser(s) up to date. Our templates are not designed to operate fully on very old browsers.
Discontinuing Project
Please notify us in writing should you decide to discontinue your project development at any time. You are still responsible for the balance on your account under these circumstances and payment is due no later than 45 days from the start of your project.
Non-template custom work
Although our work is template based, on occasion we will agree to helping clients with redesigns of their personal websites, including WordPress designs. In this case, the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement are still binding. All redesign requests must be in writing and in place before the project begins. After the project is approved by Benergy Website Design and the work begins, if the client requests a design change which is not achievable by the designer, Benergy Website Design cannot be held responsible. Clients also need to allow on-line access to their website files during the 45 day redesign period. Failure to do so will require the balance on their account to be paid in full at that time, regardless of the level of completion.
Template support
Benergy Website Design will provide free e-mail support 24/7 year round.