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Benergy Website Design is on the cutting edge of web architecture.  We strive to exceed our clients expectations when developing their project, while always maintaining a level of awareness and professionalism during the process.  To help keep costs at a minimum, we use highly developed design templates that meet the needs of most projects.  This means using cross-browser and responsive (mobile ready) technology to keep pace with today’s web-based standards.

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Rich Graphics, Mobile Ready Designs, Image Slideshows, Stunning Page Animations, Secure Forms

Website Design

Yes, that's all we do and we do it well.  You can feel confident that your website will reflect your ideas and goals when you are paired with one of our designers.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Mobile Ready

Surfing the Internet on your phone or tablet?  All the more reason to make sure your website is compatible.  In fact, Google won't even rank your site on a mobile device unless it's mobile ready.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to the many other design services we include in your website project, we also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which enables your website to be ranked on all the major search engines.


We offer 24/7 support.  Our design specialists are happy to assist you in all aspects of your project.   From graphics to layout, in addition to securing your own domain name.  Need help, just ask.

Featured Templates

Lawyers Council

Mobile Ready, 12 Pages, Slideshow, Project Gallery, Regular Price $349 Sale Price $299

Boulder Drum Studio

Mobile Ready, 12 Pages, Slideshow, Gallery, Form, PayPal, Regular Price $449 Sale Price $399

Boulder Massage and Yoga

Mobile Ready, 10 Pages, Slideshow, 2 Contact Forms, Regular Price $399 Sale Price $349